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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Annie comes home on Mother's Day

We are back to 10 in our home, because Annie has returned from WSU.

Here she is at the market in Moscow, Idaho, where we sell things on Saturdays in the summer.  I'm starting a market blog for friends and customers, so see more of my pictures of the Moscow Farmers' Market by clicking here. 

I came home to a house full of excited children who were standing behind this door.

Each child wrote a nice sentiment.

Which I was delighted to read.

Time and effort went into these creations,

Which told me of their love and care for me.

This is not a chair with pillows, it is a throne, and I, apparently, am the queen.

See me here, sitting on my throne, with pillows for each arm, and a decoration for my lap.

The room was festooned with flowers.

And here are more in the boxes

and in the pots outside.

This pot of stocks and alyssum smells sweet and spicy.

The pansies are happy faces, and I smile back at them.
I'll write again tomorrow, because I'm starting back on the plan, and I'll tell you more about the plan then...

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  1. I cannot tell you how many times Jonathan and I have wished we could be back there working at the market with your family. What wonderful memories we hold on to of that delightful summer. If we ever come back, even for a visit, and the market is in session, I claim one of the cash registers, the one right next to Sarah, so we can sell goodies all day long in the sunshine.